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  • This is a Older Group I started along time ago And figured Hey why not? So This is all I need to know I will be choosing members if you want to join! :).

    Name: Example (Please include past name not all of them)
    Discord: (yes)(no)
    Have you ever been banned or Muted: What for? (Not all of your bans or mutes just the latest one)
    Which server do you play on dancraft?: (Examples)(Skyblock, Prison, Ulti, Etc.)

    You may ask What is this group? or What is this group about?
    1. We help players in such the biggest and slightest way such as, (Example) ("How Do I warp to Crates?")("/Warp Crates.")
    2. Keep players out of mischief, Don't be afraid to report or ask a higher member of this group to do so.
    3. Give players chances, Such as (Selling a fake Crate key) Just start by saying "Hey, That's a fake key.. Why don't you take that out or next time I will report you."
    4. Be kind and Welcome new players! :D
    5. Just join the Group if it's right for you!

    (plenty more space)
  • No. These types of groups are all useless. What's the point of doing all of this? If you want to reduce mischief, report the players. If you wanna help others, do so. You don't need a group to do these things.
  • I find this very ironic 'be kind and welcome to new players, keep players out of mischief' coming from someone who is PERM muted. Not just temp muted but perm muted, before you keep other players out of mischief why don't you stop being so toxic and keep yourself out of mischief?
  • Name: Footiedan
    Discord: no
    Have you ever been banned or Muted: What for? banned for toxicicity, hacking, hacking, stealing, griefing, threats, alt abuse, scamming, excessive warning, staff disrespect, owner disrespect.
    Which server do you play on dancraft?: i like to play on the factions server becawz i can do a flying hacker and kill them all of them.

    hope accepted get i!
  • Name: TheCuteDuckling
    Discord: yes, sadly and to others dislike
    Muted for being a b****, banned for also being a b**** again, i liek to play skyblock cause i can scam people
  • xD my impersanation of ducky applying for her own group ^^^
  • applicashun:
    name: bootylik3r
    age: 42
    why i wan't two goin thes groop: it semes lihke a coo groop.
    i hoope u aksept me 11!!11!!!1!
  • Hello everyone... I'm going to do an impersonation of TheCuteDuckling if she were to reply to a forum similar to this one.....

    "Ermehgerdd wat a mini-mod. Ur just kissing dan's butt and tehn Dan will be like <3<3<3 so he can give you staff. Theres no point in helping THIS SERVER IS STILL DEAD dan does not care about us so stop mini-modeeng"............. And then silence whenever people expose her and don't agree with her