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Update Post 4 - Factions Info, Anti-Cheat Changes - 4th November
  • These update posts will no longer be (and haven't been) weekly. To reflect this, future posts in this series will titled as "Update Post", rather than "Weekly Update Post". These posts will outline the changes we've made to Dancraft, the bugs we've patched, what you can expect to see in the upcoming week, and any other information regarding the previous or upcoming week.

    Factions Release Date

    Prior to announcing the Factions release date, we would like to clarify that this is a certain release date, it is no longer dependent on any external factors outside of our control and will not have any further delays. The date Factions will be arriving to Dancraft is:

    Friday 10th November 2017

    The time is yet to be decided but likely will be between 1PM and 8PM GMT (9AM-4PM EST, 6AM-1PM PST, 11PM - 6AM AEST).
    This time will be announced prior to the release.

    Weekly Poll

    We have not yet decided whether the "Weekly Poll" will remain weekly and separate from the Update Posts. News will be arriving in regards to this soon and is not bundled with this post as this post has an added focus on the results of the Factions Input Form.

    Factions Input Form

    The Dancraft Team would like to offer a massive thank you to everyone who took the time to complete the Factions Input Form. Below are the "settings and features" we have decided upon as a result of input from you, the community:

    World Border

    Shape: square
    Size: 5,000 blocks, extends by 1,000 blocks automatically each day for the first 7 days. After this, there will be automatic 1,000 block extensions on a weekly basis

    Generation: default
    Bedrock: flat
    Oceans: yes
    Nether: daily reset, no border
    End: building disabled with warp and PVP drop down

    Random Teleport
    Distance: 50% of world border
    Cooldown: 5 minutes
    Nether random teleport: yes

    Drop Parties
    Cooldown: 10 minutes

    Natural health regeneration: yes
    Extra death punishment: no
    Custom enchantments: no
    Grinders at spawn: mixture of premium and free
    Random reward for mining ores: yes
    Auction house: yes
    Potions limited to brewing only: yes
    Head bounties: yes

    Obtainable: yes
    Rarity: very rare
    Breakable: yes, but only bedrock placed by players
    Bedrock block dropped on break: no

    Gen Buckets
    Enabled: yes
    Rarity: very common

    Enabled: yes
    As Dancraft has never experimented with MCMMO, we can't be sure how the community wants it to be configured. If you have any special recommendations for MCMMO, please let us know in the comments.


    We have chosen to not introduce the "spawn mines" which were planned to be a big part of this update. This is because many players have rejected the idea and we now feel it would be more appropriate to introduce a separate Factions server at a later date with this feature, rather than upset players who would not like a server based around this concept.

    /tntfill enabled: yes, premium only

    Enderpearl: 12 seconds
    God apple: no
    Strength II: no

    3 kits: hourly, daily, weekly
    Goodie crate: to be decided

    Size limit: 20 members

    Anti-Cheat Changes

    Our anti-cheat will no longer issue automatic bans, for any offence. The changes are as follows:

    Combat Cheats

    Players suspected of combat-related cheats (auto-clicker, kill aura, aimbot, etc), will now be "throttled". This means the amount of times they can attack per second is limited and puts them at a major disadvantage to any legitimate player. After a certain amount of violations, a player will be kicked (and killed if in combat) to warn them that cheating is prohibited on the Dancraft Network.

    Each "throttle" counts as a violation on your "Dancraft record". Players with high violation counts will be manually reviewed by our moderation team and issued permanent bans if found to be repeat offenders.

    Non-Combat Cheats

    Players who attempt to use non-combat cheats such as fly and jesus will simply have their actions cancelled and be teleported back to their previous location. Automated bans are no longer in force for non-combat cheats.

    As with combat-related cheats, each offence counts as a violation on your "Dancraft record". Players with high violation counts will be manually reviewed by our moderation team and issued permanent bans if found to be repeat offenders.


    We work very hard to make sure you don't encounter glitches and bugs that affect your Dancraft experience! If you have encountered a bug, please report it at dancraft.net/bug - if you include your name, you will get a mention in our next Update Post.

    Changes and Suggestions

    We welcome any suggestions for the Dancraft Network and are happy to implement any quality of life updates (e.g. new items in shops, small game changes). Bigger suggestions are also encouraged, but can take longer to be implemented/responded to.

    If you have a suggestion, we want to hear it! Visit dancraft.net/suggest to let us know.
  • What will be the power per player? this really will make or break the ability to make a base worth protecting, if the power is high I guess the expanding world border would be okay however I feel a set border would be better. I feel a reward for mining ores is not very factions like, If I wanted rewards for mining I'd go to the prison server. The player per faction limit to 20 is spot on however will the amount of allies people can have be limited?
  • omg
    you may have just killed dancraft factions
  • For once Radgie we can agree on something
  • idk how to feel about this.
  • who the actual fuck voted for expandable borders? that is so odd honestly
  • CapnGar +1
  • Honestly unless you can explain what that actually means in detail? I don't see how raiding will work out
  • RD +1 for ur mining comment
  • Dan, you have removed all the perks I payed for, I fail to see how we have new additional perks within this update :/
  • eg, /god /fly
  • Radgie, Ranked players are at more of a disadvantage than losing their perms... It's devastating.
  • I don't really see the point of only kicking the player if he is setting off "flags" because then they would just continue. It doesn't really matter if a player gets killed when he got kicked because they have more of an advantage over us with their movement hacks and combat hacks. They would just regain the loot faster than ever. Also, if none of the staff members are on, and because of the lack of staff members, they will be able to hack whenever they want.
  • #1 How are trench pickaxes obtained?
    #2 Will we be able to fly in faction claims?
    #3 Will there be co-leaders and officers or leaders and mods (meaning which factions plugin are you using as the base)?
    #4 Will there be /god?
    #5 What will be the power per player, this makes or breaks how "small" bases are to be
    #6 What is the power loss per death if any?
    #7 Is F Top still a thing due to the world border expansion?
    #8 What gains F Top Points, spawner value or pvp orientated wins like koths etc. Will this be tracked on the website leader board or in game?
    #9 How do we obtain spawners without the mines and with it being not pay to win?
    #10 What are the kits like?
    #11 What useful commands will ranks get other than having better kits, like /fix /fixall?
    #12 What is max tier armour, Protection IV or Protection V or higher?
    #13 Is there an ally limit to encourage pvp and reduce teaming?
    #14 Bedrock is stronger than obsidian but how much stronger?
    #15 What GenBuckets will be implemented, simply cobblestone or sand, obsidian and slabs also, as well as horizontal buckets?
    #16 Will there be a claim limit buffer? (Maximum radius allowed for claims commonly 20 chunks from each edge of the base)
    #17 Will we be allowed alt accounts to fill up a faction or alt factions to claim land?
    #18 What type of PVP is it, I assume it is gapple pvp due to their being no god apple cooldown but how rare will god apples be, will we still require splash potions of healing?
    #19 Will /potion be added to stack potions If so will it be rank specific?
    #20 Can we radius claim outside the border to reserve land for the next border extension?
    #21 What is the prize for the winning faction, since this season is going to be one of the most difficult I am to play I feel the prize for the winning faction should be equally as rewarding and worth putting in the extra effort for.

    More questions to come as the update creeps closer.
  • @CapnGar Expandable borders are so those corner base fags cant just camp the corner of the world and build hundreds of walls on the two sides they're not protected from.
  • @acx I find the people who have gained the corners earned it for coming early on release day and putting in extra work than those who didn't put in as much effort to come early on release day, I'd recommend refraining from using homophobic slurs also. It's more than just building walls to make a base there is the trenching, reverse layer protection, gathering supplies earlier on when prices would fundamentally be at their highest as the economy would be lower than it would later in the map with common logic. Yes corner bases are easier than Quad axis bases but if you come early you deserve that reward, there is also usually fights for those corners, the strongest team wins. Not to mention there are 4 corners and could be infinite border space for anyone to make bases, it's not just one team who would be at an advantage it would be dozens.
  • U should make only Obsidian ranks enable to fly. And did i saw borders? Everyone doesn't like borders. Becuz it will steal you're hole faction.
  • I know I'm banned but, these suggestions could help you so please read them:

    It seems you removed /fly, this probably should help, maybe make it useable within safezones, to promote players purchasing ranks.

    Your world border seems like a good idea, but not for the first couple days, maybe start with a 7,000 world border and increase by 1,000 per week but every four weeks add another extra 1,000 (5,000 increase per month).

    God apples should be obtainable from crates (of course very rare - make the cost be around $250,000 per golden apple, unsellable), obsidian rank should have a monthly kit, giving them 1 (notch) golden apple (every month)

    Do you really think that factions should be limited to 20 members? This would promote 'feeder' factions, reducing fun for players, basically saying, "You're not as good as us, go join our other clan", maybe even reducing players to not be able to join that faction. Allegiances should be enabled.

    Bug fixing, this really annoyed me within the v2 update, I got stuck in a hole in someones base, who jumped down and started to kill me, they had enemied me before I had fallen in meaning I couldn't attack them within the hole, I fixed the issue by /f enemy 'faction name', I do not think this should be possible, if you already know about this, I apologise for your time but I just feel that it should be addressed appropriately and not to have any more illegible 'traps'.

    Make sure your anti cheat is not too sensitive, we don't want those legit players being kicked with their protection 6 on ulti, do we?

    In your crates, 'notch' apples should be attainable, with a 1% chance.

    Also, make it so that it's no longer possible to 'store' items in auction house (or whatever plugin you're using now, as a replacement - of course, it was a great aspect and you should keep it), this was annoying and spammy for the community, it also prevented players from actually finding the items they needed at a reasonable price, maybe limit it to 10 items on auction house at a time.

    You also could add a /duel command, no, not like you did back when you failed, with the money glitch, make it just a 1v1 duel but, the person who wins gets the other persons stuff, make it so that it is very clear that all players agreeing to this duel know this. You should also make a 5 minute cooldown for each duel as there may be limited arenas. Like the teleport cooldown, you should be able to 'back out' of these duels by just moving forward, or being hit, this should be a further 7-15 seconds as it should mean that the players will not be teleported straight out of a fight.

    Within factions, there may be a few glitches, make sure that factions can't be called innapropriate names as kids of the younger age may come on to your server and say, "Mummy, what's a ****" in which case you would have a mild reduction in players, also make it so players can't chat flood these 'innapropriate remarks' with /f open and /f close.

    Teleport cooldown should be around 7-15 seconds as it was annoying with people in pvp that would teleport away. Also, combat log should be 15 seconds+ as it was crazy annoying (with a 10second cooldown) that players would still run and log).

    Thank you and I hope that you take these suggestions into account,
    hopefully see you on the network soon, from _Valiant_!
  • sorry for the massive text btw