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It was a fun 7 years..... Goodbye Friends....
  • Hey Guys michaelpong32 here. I don't know what to do! I took a 4 month break from DC because of hackers/Staff don't do their job/other reasons. I joined back about a week ago, only to find out the server had been revamped! I was so happy! Untill I typed in chat and noticed that instead of being obby rank, I was now diam rank.... The next day of being back I saw Dan was online, so I asked him about my rank. (I had already started a thread, WITH VIDEO PROOF THAT I WAS OBSIDIAN RANK!!!!). He tells me to email payment support about my rank. Then get this guys...... he tells me to look at the server rules... ( I have been on the server since it started i know the rules....) THEN IMMEDIATLY PERM BANS ME FOR UNAUTHORIZED CLIENT MODIFICATIONS?!?!??!?!?!??!

    Now at this point i'm dead confused seeing as how the only ``modification'' I currently have is optifine. ( AND I USED TO BE ONE OF THE ONLY ONES THAT RECORDED HACKERS SO THAT THIS COMMUNITY WOULD BE LESS SHITTY!) SO! I make a appeal explaining and asking what kinda drugs Dan was taking to think i was hacking. ( I guess he looked at the old video I posted proving I had obby rank, and he didn't like that I had potionhud/armour hud....) After a WEEK OF WAITING AND MESSAGING DAN, my appeal gets denied.....

    I started out on this server when it first came up..... I was 13 at the time, V1 was amazing, V2 was equally fun, and after that to ME, the server started going downhill. Problems with the server back then and even today are : Dan needs to hire some staff that actually get on every day, (not just on the forums) and DO THIER JOB! And they need to at least be 18! Cant tell you how many abusing little shitheads I have had to deal with. The anticheat needs to be alot better! Dan himself needs to get off his ass more often, and help the server grow and flourish! BUT! Overall I had alot of good times with alot of friendly people/ and not so friendly people! Made some friends.... lost some.... I kinda grew up with DC and it kinda grew with me....(Not much thou cause of all those problems) I'm 20 years old, almost 21 now, and I have had all I can stand from this (NOW SHIT) server..... The reason I'm leaving is because even after the ``revamp'' I saw hackers not being banned, even thou I had SOLID PROOF of my obby rank, Dan was too Autistic to give it back to me, and to top it all off I KILLED 2 PEOPLE ON ULTI, IN THE NOT EVEN 2 DAYS I WAS BACK, AND DAN HAS THE NERVE TO FALSE BAN ME! After all i've done for this community.....After all the YEARS i've played on his server...... There is no way.... in 7 hells..... that i'm gonna buy...... a unban! It pisses me off that Dan would even think/do this....

    TO ALL THE PEOPLE THAT CARE ABOUT ME! Im sorry guys, I can't take anymore of this shit server. I had fun with you all and my only regret is not being able to do a dp of the little money/stuff i had on ulti. I wish you all the happyness and love in the world!

    TO ANYONE THINKING ABOUT JOINING/ DONATING! Don't do it unless your prepared for, Shittiest staff in the world, Hackers that don't get dealt with until it's too late, And a community that WILL NOT ACCEPT YOU/ONLY REALLY LISTENS, if you buy a high rank. TO DAN: Hey bro I had fun watching/playing this server while it growed..... You need to decide whether or not you want this server to be mediocre, or GREAT! Take some of my advice...

    Farewell- Michael
  • ur not 21 lmao
  • Whatever you say ``Footiedan''......... What a name......
  • If you were 21, you would not spend your time on a Minecraft server or even a game in general, you would concentrate more on University/College, and you would actually study. You wouldn't have time to spend on any game at all.
  • When you're trying to say bye and just get a bunch o' people telling you you're not 21.
  • If you were 21, you wouldn't call people autistic :/
  • Yeah dude dancraft has been up since 2010 you got me
  • Look at all these sad little kiddo's commenting on how they think i'm not 21...... Should i even constitute them with a response? Nah i dont have to prove anything to kids! Have fun playing this shit server with cancer plebs like ``footiedan'' and ``_snoweyZ''.
  • Wasn't Footie a squeaker years ago lmao
  • why do you use 2 backticks then a quote...
  • @michaelpong32 You say you're 21 yet you have the grammar level of a 10-year-old.
  • Hey to all the kids who are commenting shit like, ``your not 21 because of your grammar'', Discord me fam.....
  • Your grammar isn't that good tbh. No hard feelings
  • While I agree Dan's way of running the server isn't the best, calling him autistic is extreme.
  • So what if he's 21? If he enjoys it I see no problem with him spending time saying goodbye to people who he liked/used to like him. Stop flaming him for bad grammar it's the forum of a BLOCK GAME and I'm sure he doesn't play it to have impeccable grammar or spelling... If you people take the time to shoot him down on little things like grammar and his age, consider what YOU'RE doing...
  • 'Hey, Vsauce, Michael(pong32) here."
  • i was actually recently born 2 days ago or so!