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  • Everyone knows shops in skyblock and factions are overpriced.


    to get enough dirt to make 1 layer on my island, i need 2.5 MILLION dollars. Thats INSANE. Plus redstone?
    the shops cost too much.

    If you agree comment down below
  • Reskin, the purpose of having things cost so much is to balance the economy & to also make the game more fun. Redstone isn't sold because buying it takes no time but actually mining for it may take a while ( using a ore generator ) - Time = Money. That's how Dan has customized this server. As you probably know redstone is used to make farms & so are hoppers. To sum it up to make money, you need money , Thats how the economy gets balanced out . Hoppers, dirt, redstone all cost a ton of money ( as you know ), all of these items are used in farms, farms that make millions of dollars.

    Your island doesn't focus on farms I don't think - To make money you need to have
    farms. Farms = Money, Money = Effort, Effort = Time <---- How the server works.<br />
    Basically to do anything you need to start off by investing a lot of time into the server - First you need to get farms up (which takes a lot of time), then you can decorate your items with costly items (Glass, Dyed Wool, etc)