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Falling apart again
  • Once again Dan, your server is falling apart. Adding the creative server didn't get much attention as well. Ive been speaking to my friends on different servers and seeing if they ever played Dancraft. The surprising thing was that a quite of few of them said they knew how your server used to be really fun! I know your really trying but you gotta think a bit harder sense your server is dead. I really missed the old days but I actually have a few suggestions for you now. Through out the server you and Kubz have done most of the work. You could use some staff members and i'm suggesting Ronaldo because he seems like a great helper. Having staff members would really help your server. Another way of helping the server is advertising your it... WE NEED THE OG BACK! But sense theres no way and i'm typing this i changed my mind and thought again and noticed your out of luck. Unless you get someone to bring the server together. Donations or whatever better be worth it to all the people buying your things. I wish you very good LUCK and some thinking to get this server back running with as much people as you used to. Just suggest random kids on your server to advertise on Hypixel! Either way, you need some staff members and youd probably get a lot of people applying! A actual server you could advertise on without getting banned Mineplex ;) Im not advertising those servers i'm telling the people reading this to SPREAD THE NEWS OF DANCRAFT! This message is for dan if you comment mean things to me ill eat your mother and ship her to Mexico or something. You started great so how about bringing back skywars? :D Anyway I've been trying to end this for like 4 mins and still havent. So just keep the server going and make it as good as it used to! We might have a chance to make Dancraft great again lmao. Just fyi this is not a joke. Because your server is gone. SO GOODBYE