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what has dancraft come to?
  • So, I've been here since version 1, where Dancraft used to get about 100-150 players EVERY SINGLE DAY. Now, the server owners (aka dan) yes, I'm calling you out, has to have his **** pulled to even get on and do anything. I want the old dancraft. Dan Games, Skyblock, Old Factions, the old school kitpvp, kitpvp etc etc. Minecraft in general has become an annoyance, and the only reason I started playing was because, of, well, dancrghaft. Dan, please fix your ****** server and make it into the Dancraft it once was. And I dont wanna hear any bull **** about how you don't have the funds, because I bet you blew all of your dancraft money off on csgo bets. So yeah, give us the old dancraft, and maybe there will be more than 2 players that come on a day. Jesus ******* christ.
  • We are always trying to improve the experience of players of Dancraft, telling us to introduce content we already have introduced: DanGames, Skyblock, Oldschool Factions, Oldschool KitPVP (removed due to lack of players) does not help. Personal insults towards team members (or anyone) are also not very helpful.

    If you have any constructive feedback, you can submit a suggestion at https://www.dancraft.net/suggest.
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