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Missing Dancraft.
  • Hello everyone, Im TheCuteDuckling also known as Izzy.
    Today I decided to come to Dancraft to check it out, I almost had tears brought to my eyes as I flew around my island, Looked at ulti and factions. It used to be such a bustling place now such a tiny community. It is really sad what happened as each good player left one by one. I miss everyone very badly although I dont play it anymore I still play minecraft on other servers. I miss so many people daily and i miss laughing and joking with every single one of you. Even if I wasnt your best friend I still liked you. It was always so fun and I played here for 5 Years going on 6. I wish that dancraft could become more popular again. I know its possible so I hope and pray that it will be more popular and more maintained. I'm not trying to be whinny or be rude its just the truth. I hope everyone of you feel the same way and maybe if we signed on a server for a hour a day it would become more popular. It is really just the small things that count.

    On the Bright side, I got two ducklings that are the highlight of my life and I love them to pieces. If any of you are farmers out there they are American Pekins And I would take any advice as possible (Be nice please). They are about 4 weeks old and they are my early birthday present. Theyre still yellow.

    I love everyone here and I hope to see you soon,

    I still like you dan its just i get frustrated.
  • You love me? Ahhh that’s nice to here since you cussed me out 2 times
  • BAI BISH? Wtf just leave me alone