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What happened here
  • Played in June 2016, mostly factions and prison. I had gold rank and everything, logged on to the server for a nostalgia trip to find out that it's been dead since summer 2018.

    This is a big oof and definitely not an epic gamer moment

    Why can't you guys just keep your server alive instead of making me watch my childhood leave me. Life has been so shit for the past two years I just want a glimpse into when times were good before I eventually break out the noose

    Whoops too much info

    Anyways does anyone else have memories with this server? It's pretty much dead beyond repair you don't repair a server when its in this state. The fact that the owner is still keeping it running makes me think he's one of those hoarders who don't like to throw things away. Especially considering a year ago he said the server would "never shut down". I think it's time to break that promise, Dan, and stop wasting your 20$ a month on what is essentially a spiritual gesture to a bloody block game server.
  • Life changes.
  • why the fuck is the server even still up
  • The servers shit it will be for the rest of life so yeh no point logging onto it. dan doesnt even give a shit about it anymore he really generally doesnt so yeh nothing we can do.