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  • Guys I know no one really liked me here but I just wanna say that I really miss this server..

    Dan really never cared about his people but what I am here to say is that I feel like Dancraft is over.. I really wish we could get new people but its not even moderated anymore.. I logged on a while back and there wasn't even 5 people on all the servers put together..
    Anyways I just wanted to say Dancraft was a pretty good server and I really do wish we could all get back together but things changed.. People got older, Things got old and we all grew up.. I really wish I could just log on one last time when there was 300 people on Skyblock.. I really do miss you guys and I just felt like writing this.. Feel free to comment below.. If your gonna talk about how I was "toxic" please just dont comment at all. Thank you!

  • Update.. My brother changed my name and my skin and deleted my account :( things really have changed
  • i remember u and i think u will remember me to:D i miss the server so much to :( i want is as it was before the big reset D:
  • Yes it is very sad and we have all watched the numbers of players dwindle down with every year: It's a real shame such good things have to fall :( I really miss this server and all the years of fun I have had on it. ~SuperLasers, 2013-2019.