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A message to ToSLive.
  • Hello, my name is RelatedTitle and I want to kindly ask ToSLive which I believe is either the owner or a member of the community to please not come to my server and spread toxcicity. I do not mean to be rude in this thread, I just want to kindly ask them to stop, we have not been rude to you, you however have. Below is a chat log of everything that was said within their join and leave of the server.

    ToSLive Joined The Server

    [Member]ToSLive » Hello?
    Licious hello
    [Member]ToSLive » Oh, I didn't know anyone else was here as no other usernames were on the TAB board haha.

    (We were talking through discord)

    [Member]ToSLive » What is this server and where are the other players?
    Derptingo we're currently building a ting

    (We were working on a factions server)

    [Member]ToSLive » This server is so shit.
    Licious sorry we're busy
    Licious but please just try and enjoy?
    [Member]ToSLive » The server is basically dead.
    Licious no, we're just busy atm
    Licious it isn't normally like that
    [Member]ToSLive » How many people did you get on average beforehand?
    Licious 5 6
    [Member]ToSLive » ...
    [Member]ToSLive » Wow.
    [Member]ToSLive » That's SO much better.
    [Member]ToSLive » A lot better than the current 3-5 people we have now.
    [Member]ToSLive »
    Licious log off if you wanna be like that, ok?
    [Member]ToSLive » Nah.
    [Member]ToSLive » I feel bad for the person who bought this server and is paying monthly bills for this dead server.
    Licious dude
    Licious seriously
    Licious it has a fine playerbase
    Licious we're just busy
    [Member]ToSLive » "5 6" is not a good playerbase on average when you're not "busy".
    Licious on average
    Licious yeah not to good
    [Member]ToSLive » Are you trying to say 5 or 6 or 56?
    Licious but sometimes we get like 15 people
    RelatedTitle Please leave
    Licious 5 - 6
    [Member]ToSLive » 15 is a lot better, of course, but still terrible.
    [Member]ToSLive » Ban me if you want me gone.
    [Member]ToSLive » Your own money is being wasted.
    [Member]ToSLive » So I don't care.
    [Member]ToSLive » Or is it your mum's credit card?
    Licious dude
    Licious we're a server trying to grow
    Licious so if you wanna be like that then leave
    [Member]ToSLive » You're just a Member, not even staff haha. Mini-modding :)
    [Member]ToSLive » Trying to kiss up to the owner?
    [Member]ToSLive » Hoping you'll get Mod :)
    Licious i'm gonna be staff hopefully soon
    [Member]ToSLive » "hopefully"
    [Member]ToSLive » OR the owner is just asking you to do things for them and lying about giving you staff.
    [Member]ToSLive » Just so you'll do their work for them.
    RelatedTitle How many players do you get?
    Licious ^^^
    [Member]ToSLive » On average, 35-45
    [Member]ToSLive » Much better than "5" or "6"
    RelatedTitle What is your server?
    [Member]ToSLive » Play . Dancraft . Net.
    RelatedTitle Ok
    [Member]ToSLive » Lowercase.
    RelatedTitle Go work on that
    [Member]ToSLive » Your system capitalised it.
    [Member]ToSLive » Nah.
    [Member]ToSLive » Don't need to.
    [Member]ToSLive » Either you are too stupid to know how to ban me, or you can't.
    RelatedTitle Please stop coming on my server with your toxcicity, we don't accept this type of behaviour here.
    [Member]ToSLive » Then do something about it.
    RelatedTitle No
    [Member]ToSLive » Exactly, because you can't. What's wrong? Admin perms not working properly? :)
    [Member]ToSLive » Pathetic :)
    RelatedTitle I won't, the reason is, this proves you are just trying to be toxic on other people's servers when nobody was rude to you.
    Derptingo yeah chill out dude
    [Member]ToSLive » Did I say anyone was rude to me?
    RelatedTitle No, because nobody was.
    [Member]ToSLive » Let me just check the chat history.
    [Member]ToSLive » Hm... Nope. I don't remember saying that.
    RelatedTitle You however are being toxic, I nor anyone else said anything bad to you, but you decide to come and spread toxic messages.
    [Member]ToSLive » Well done, you've caught on ... Well, not really "quickly", but you've "caught on".
    [Member]ToSLive » So you can either do something about it or continue to cry about it :)
    Licious are we crying?
    Licious no
    Licious we're actually glad that your making our play count go up
    RelatedTitle I am busy at the moment, please leave for me.
    Licious so thanks
    [Member]ToSLive » By one player, you're welcome, Licious. You need all the help you can get.
    GrottoBear Dancraft LOL, gotta use them YT names to get players huh.
    [Member]ToSLive » What does YouTube have anything to do with the server? :)
    [Member]ToSLive » Have you checked our player count compared to this shitty little server?
    GrottoBear Sure, cause MC isn't popular because of Youtubers.

    I really don't mean to offend this community, I just want to kindly ask this person to stop.
    Out of respect to this server I won't provide server name unless told to, I am however happy to provide proof of the above chat log.

    This server looks great, keep up the good work, however I do want to ask this person to kindly stop, not only on my server but on other servers starting out too, I really believe that we didn't deserve the toxcicity and rudeness that was sent through these messages, I am not trying to shame this person, I have no hard feelings towards anyone in this community, however I hope you can understand how hard it is to stand out as a server when starting out, specially if someone from a bigger server that has been online for a longer time comes and hates on this server for no reason, this person is not banned, however he is muted.
  • This geezer isnt even staff on this server. For one it has 2 staff, owner is DansTooGood and the admin/co-owner is Kubsz. Dont know who that guy is but hes been pulling yah leg. Also this servers lucky to reach 5 players a day let alone 35