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  • Hello Dan !

    Theres a glitch on Ulti-1 that happend me and probably many other players many times. the glitch is that our stuff glitches away when its in our enderchest and inventory. This happend me many times and it really annoys me because i lost 8 full sets prot6 armor that was in my enderchest. I talked to some other players on DC and they told me the same thing happend with their diamond blocks and more. You have to fix this glitch because people pays for this stuff, most of the 8 sets did i get from special crate keys that i bought for real money. I really hope you can fix this glitch, i even lost a pair of prot 6 boots today.

    Best Wishes //Krabban03
  • I lost a 14.5 Damage sword ;-;
  • Then I hope this is the case for me as well :P
    I lost 2 stacks with dia block, 2 stacks with emerald, 9 stacks iron and 10 stacks gold yestarday :P Nothing payed with reall money, but mined for long to get this shit.. -.-
    hope atleast the stuff will get returned.
    (But I ofc have to screenshot proof, so I will never see it again) :P
  • This is a problem! I lost 48 God Apples on Skyblock, which were not easy to get. Its_HulkJqke lost much stuff due to this on Factions. Now we have to put our valuable things in our bases, which can be raided and makes people even more mad!
  • lol i lost 50 dia blocks and a dia axe a long time ago
  • on ulti btw (super hard to get)
  • Thanks for reading this everyone and i hope Dan and Kubsz can fix this glitch and we can get our stuff back, not only on ulti on all the servers that items glitched. //Krabb
  • I've also had that i lost all my dia in ulti and i had more than a stack =(
  • Same here, losing gapples and diamonds
  • Because of this glitch i lost around 15 USD irl.
  • I dont play alot of factions because of this what Cuddlesss_ says. It´s no idea to build a base on factions because you have to put your best stuff in chests and theirs always hackers or players that glitches into bases. I lost a sharp5 efficiency6 axe and more enchants on factions when it was in my enderchest.
  • Dan needs to fix this problem before more and more stuff glitches away. I talked to some guys and they told me crate keys on Ulti, skyblock and factions glitched away when they were in their inventory and enderchest. And they got all of it for real money so Dan needs to fix this fast.
  • I lost 64 IGs on skyblock ;-;
  • 64 IGS lies
  • nah I have 69 igs in my pants
  • I have lost on until 42 diamond blocks to the same glitch and some p6 gear as well
  • Lost 2 stacks - diamond blocks, 48gapples.
  • Well,
    I lost my verginity.
    Plz can i have it back? :D!