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Something needs done with hackers on Dancraft
  • Dan needs to add more mods or more active mods/admins or another way to report a player instead of the player having to do more work to get another player banned than the mod/admin or whatever to ban that player there should be something like a /report to report a player then that player gets put on a watch instead of players making go through recording, uploading and posting a forum report there needs to be a easier way because there are to many hackers running free.
  • bump!! The server really needs more staff /helpers just to get rid of the hackers i cant recored due to no software but i do get friends to do it for me but i shouldnt have to recored that should be the staff job to keep hackers of there server
  • I agree with this. We only have 2 administrators and mostly never on
  • Not only need more staff but could at least add a simple /report command that allows players to report others easier without a lot of bs. A lot of people don't even bother with reporting players because of the time it takes. If you don't have the best of internet a 1 min video turns to be an hour upload and you can't do much because it is sucking up all your bandwidth you're pretty much bored for an hour.
  • Great point tralerith we need more staff like BritishTeen Or HollieTheNerd Or RawrItsNicco way to many hackers.
  • You spelled my name wrong ;-;
  • RawrItsNikko shouldn't be promoted, he doesn't have the experience of the server that the others mentioned do.
  • Have you not seen my "moderator application?" It states all the information on that page.
  • Also I don't have experience of the server? I've been at dancraft when it was around v1 or v2 well when the hub was neither brick and the portals were Nether portals
  • Also, I'm nikko5186 I change my name the other day :P
  • You even commented on if :P
    Well kubsz knows I've played since v3 vpcause he raided my faction and on other versions I didn't talk :P but most people don't know I've changed my name.
  • I remember that update.
  • We all spawned in water ;p
  • A simple report button is already added, not saying that it works or anything.
  • Japzhuysbro (BritishTeen - fake), You don't lose your recording or files when you get DDoSed?
    dawojdwjwdwaadswa sd aw DW A
  • Tameee, you don't need to be like that.