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Dan i got you back
  • So you ban me for nothing so unban me or i will report you for scam bc i bought obsidian and i didnt get it
  • Its a way i can be a bitch so gl
  • You weren't banned for nothing, you shot TNT at someone's island.. and that's a big no-no. So, that's your own fault. Do the crime, do the time.
  • LLLLL try to mute me lLLLLLL KAARMA IS A FISH
  • we didnt shoot tnt.

  • in fact, we placed it on MY island

  • we were not added, the tnt was on the end of a bridge
  • This is my story. I JOKED and repeatedly said JK after i ronaldo said we wrere neighbors. and i said i have an idea! lets make a tnt cannon JK xD. then ronaldo destroyed my entire island that i built. so, i placed a few tnt blocks, well my freind did, but i asked him to. ON MY ISLAND. i was not even added. i destroyed 15 blocks, two mins worth of work. he destroyed 20-60 mins of worn on my island, since i added him. then i bleqw up 15. morale? islands are too close, and me and my freaind ginger toad should be UNBANNED.
    rip im gonna appel
    but im dead :sob:
  • Reskin I burnt down your bridge that was going to my island. It took u like 10 mins to make it...
  • @ronaldo917917 in fact you started the war so we finished it First you lit the bridge on fire so we reacted and blew up 15 blocks of your island SO What Before you bitch about others you should tell the whole story
  • I think you just need to major dab on them haters
  • @GingerToad Threatening him isn't a real good way to get unbanned.
  • @ronaldo917917, you should of never retaliated in that way, this entire situation would of never happened if you didn't do anything, but @ReskinGetsRekt and @GingerToad should've never setup a cannon to destroyers @ronaldo917917's island, none of this would of happened if you guys would of never been childish to retaliate back.

    I am not part of this situation in any way, just wanted to clear some stuff up
  • @Disciplinez , Just seeing this now lmao.

    This post comes to show how ignorant people are.. Although this was a long time ago, you would expect someone trying to mediate the situation knew what they were doing! He was making a bridge to my island, in order to blow up my island...

  • im hollering.