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The Rollback - Gear Gone Missing
  • Hey Dan,

    Recently I lost a set of protection 5 armor, after you did the rollback to fix any errors it seems that all the gear I had on me was replaced with different gear. The gear that I had on when I logged on was mixed of p3/p4/p5, and I had an s4 instead of having a s5+, I don't recall logging out with any of this gear. If you could reimburse me with the diamonds that I had on me, (potions) and the gear I had on me (p5 or s5/s6), I would really appreciate it.

    Disclaimer: I just THINK that I lost the p5 set to this, I don't know for sure since I haven't came on Dancraft in a bit.
  • On 12th March one of our servers had a hardware failure resulting in loss of data for a select few players (who logged in within minutes of the failure, by chance). It seems that unfortunately, in this case, you were one of these players.

    Our usual policy is to not offer reimbursements for bugs/etc, but due to the nature of this case, we have opted to reinstate items (after verifying a report is honest/valid).

    We have added the aforementioned items (and diamonds to compensate for the potions) to your enderchest.

    In future, please report bugs via https://www.dancraft.net/bug.
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