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Starting a new club (DPT)
  • Hello All,
    I came up with the Idea To make a new Club!!!
    This club is called The Dancraft Peace Team.
    If you have a better name for this Please Leave a comment!!!

    The "DPT"
    What we Support.
    Helping New players get resources, Islands, And Encouragement.
    We Do teach people how to play side by side!
    We help Players with Commands of /is create what not...
    We also Help give items and stop Arguments Fairly.
    We Do not Tolerate Raiding Griefing Nor Scamming.
    We Do Teach rules of What Not to do And What to do!
    We do teach manners Not to Swear cuss or what not..
    We do report If it is needed Very Badly!

    Reasons We need you!
    To Help us patrol All Servers on Dancraft.
    To help us Catch Bad people and tell them rules
    To help up Encourage people to love this game!
    To Teach people how to play Side By Side!
    Give people Items that they need.
    Stop Arguments

    How you Can join!

    Name:_________ Minecraft username (Please Note to leave past name changes from the past two months
    Past:__________________________ Minecraft past (We Do forgive everyone And you can still join! but must change if you do two wrong things you will be kicked)
    Please List How many times you have been muted or Banned And reasons.. And also if you are Currently Muted/Banned Perm or How long And if your perm muted/banned Please let me know if you are gonna buy a unmute/unban

    Owner: TheCuteDuckling
    Member: Mcatum
    Member: Jaasmine
    Member:IHateBrage Aka TheCuteRabbit
    Member: nitrorabbit99
    Member: IINoobII
    Member: ronaldo917917

    Thanks for your time reading this thread!
  • I feel like this is some Christian alcoholic help group. I'm suprised we didn't had to introduce ourselves like 'Hi my name is Jasmine and I've been an alcoholic since I was 10.'
  • It's DC police all over again
  • jaasmine speaking of alcohol lol i was pissed last night
  • seems like a pretty sound idea to me, if it's encouraging previous offenders to follow rules and isn't turning into DCPolice V2, it's coolio
  • DCPolice V2 CONFIRMED - Donald Trump
  • Damn I can't be a member, my life's over
  • Name: AtlanteanPhoenix

    Past: Been on dancraft since the start, with a diff account but lost password and account dont remember name same with mineplex and hypixel

    Reported 27 times this reset and about 20-22 have been succesful including scamming, misguiding players, chat filter evading, innapropraite language/behaviour, spam, advertising.
    Help a lot on prison i am very well known there have many ranked friends Oskain(gold), Zelice(gold), Katappa(obbi) just to name a few
    I am the highest non rank player ZVI with 47mil tokens and rising

    Please List How many times you have been muted or Banned And reasons..
    Never once
  • AtlanteanPhoenix Accepted
  • Thanks for your honesty AtlanteanPhoenix and welcome to the DPT!
  • ejkthrkgdn,fxd
  • ujkmhnjke,mdfx]
  • Name: Nnano

    Past: Just a bit of a prick.

    Number of times muted/banned: 0.
  • Nnano You seem like a kind player Accepted
    if you havent read everything above please take 5 minutes to read it! Thanks!
  • Name: SpacePenis_C9

    Past: Hacker

    Times muted: 3
    Times banned: 1
  • I don't really care about this but I'm bored so...
  • lol bants
  • Is it okay if I hack occasionally?
  • Space.... Your accepted
  • Sassy_Giraffe You have been demoted to member for acting as owner taking over and spell checking .
  • Betrayal
  • Name: iLiekRice
    Past offenses: Giving a shit about this group, reading this thread, making you.
    Mutes: 0
    Bans: 0

    Jk don't add me
  • iLiekRice You sound adorable!! Like my duckling that i just got from my carnival!

    Your added for sure!
  • iLiekUTu
  • Hi TheCuteDuckling...I'm sorry for "acting as owner taking over and spell checking." I think the reason for my demotion involves me having sorely misinterpreted my given responsibilities under my previous status of "co-owner." (Also I mistakenly took the whole thing a bit more seriously than anyone else) I struggle with a need for perfection and professionalism, and often (as is the case now), it negatively affects other people in any "teamwork" setting.
    Not to create tension...but I think it would be best if I resign from the DPT all together. This is simply because based on the feedback I've gotten, I haven't been able to positively contribute in any way thus far. You may continue running the DPT as you see fit, and I hope it becomes a pleasant and helpful addition to the Dancraft server.
  • Sassy_Giraffe, I understand its just sort of annoying I am sometimes that way too i suppose Im sorry but i think its best for you just to be maybe a Admin, If thats okay let me know!

  • Thanks for your great offer, but I'm still opting to resign. It's nothing personal of course, it's just that I haven't been much of a help and it's becoming a stress to me.
    Thanks for understanding,
  • Sassy_Giraffe I would resign Co-Owner to you....
    I just guess i was acting a little to much too!

    I am okay if you dont want to be a Co Owner but if you would Please let me know!
    I would aprectiate it!


  • Thanks again for the offer, but I'm still wanting to completely resign.
  • You see? The difference between the members of this group and the late DC Police is that you guys know when you're being excessive. I applaud you for that.
  • Why teh Fock are you loling for you wanna pick a fite with meh I'll focking rek teh shite out of you on focking Call o Duty wit me focking Ballista 360 no scope yer arse go to ye mum
  • looks like the community got brainwashed like i predicted ;)
  • Btw I changed my name from Space.
  • I sense that their will be an anti DPT group