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TinyDinoG False Reporting Me. (please read)
  • hello! TinyDinoG reported me for being an alt for some Scott770 that got banned for anti - knockback I told him delete or Im going to report you for False Reporting and you can check the chat logs on OPPVP on Dancraft he said Dan wont ban me Ive been playing since v2 and I told him nicely, ' it doesnt matter how long you've been playing you can still get banned. and he said No I can't. please ban this user my IGN : Darin223 / His/Her IGN: TinyDinoG
  • Put this in Appeals
  • You can't get punished for false reporting, but nice try, kiddo. Also, asking to ban someone isn't gonna get them banned, even if you ask with a cherry on top. Try getting some proof.
  • XD chill man i didnt know i thought u said some kinda junk but apparently im blind xD LEGALY blind ;) XD
  • Relax, It isn't that much a problem. U didn't need to post something for this. Dan whould have banned him when he checked it.
  • i just realized i used to really like saying "xD"