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Dancraft's Future, Summer Sale & More
  • Dancraft's Future

    We would like to apologize for the lack of community interaction recently and offer some clarity on Dancraft's future. Our anti-cheat will soon be getting another upgrade and we're looking to bring out EU/NA servers for our PVP gamemodes. We hope you'll also be glad to hear that we're bringing back some classic minigames including the infamous DanGames. Drop us a comment if you have any update suggestions!

    Recent updates include a sanction reset as we're looking to role out the new anti-cheat and chat filter in the upcoming weeks. We've also reduced a lot of lag and network latency that some players have been experiencing.

    Summer Sale

    Our summer sale is now on! Discounts are as follows:
    60% off all ranks and rank upgrades
    80% off all pet packages
    33% off all key packages
    70% off kits and extras

    Summer Package

    Veterans of the Dancraft Network may remember the loved Weekend Package, we've decided to create something similar... Only bigger and better.

    The Summer Package contains over 40 crate keys on many servers, in-game money, credits, over 20 pets including the iron golem, exclusive commands such as Death Sounds and the tag command as well as much more! Check it out on our store here. It is only available until mid-September so be sure to purchase quick.
  • @Tsuchikage We've always been taking action, managing and moderating the server - it's just every so often we need to push it up a notch, that time has arrived again :-)
  • @admin Oh, ok. But the thing is... You need more staff, like "boots on the ground", I guess you can call it.
  • Like in-game staff members, maybe like Helpers or so...
  • Add back creative with the new update. I've been waiting so long...
  • Y'all can thank me for releasing Dan from my closet
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  • Yay Dan has finished his exams and is ready to work on the server!
  • I agree with @Tsuchikage , thanks for adding more stuff to the server, @admin ! :-)
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  • Finally! We have been heard!
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  • you should add in the old prison as i know lots of people like to pvp on there
  • Dancraft is still great, its just the lack of staff..
  • Is Factions going to reset?
  • DansTooGood, there is no islands left on Skyblock, pls add more xD
  • I found DansTooGoods Youtube last night And I said GEt your ACE BACK ON DANCRAFT it was a csgo vid maybe he listened o.O
  • I sugguest Forum Banns heres one i think should be forum banned https://www.dancraft.net/discussion/5153/have-a-look-at-my-texture-pack#Item_37

    This is absoloutly distaste-full And Disgusting

    Little audiences Please dont click the link above its very inniproprite
  • Remember the premium-only portal in factions last map? Can we add that in?
  • okokokokokokok Please do the following:
    1) Bring back buying commands like /tag but with /fly and stuff. (ik this is in the summer package but I mean sell them individually!)
    2) Let people apply for mod!

  • Suggestion: ADD CREDITS TO /TRADE
  • Oml
    you have had this suggestion for ages..
  • @TheCuteDucking, there are forum bans already :-)
  • @Jaasmine I don't understand the first one...
  • I would love skywars Please Please Please Bring it back <3
  • Hi Admin, I would like to know about the progress about the Enderchest glitch and was wondering if we could ever get our stuff back. I lost 8 diamond crate keys and 44 diamond blocks on ulti

    Oh and another thing if you could bring back SkyWars back?

    Thanks thanks thanks thankssss!!

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  • There's litterally 3 hackers on ulti rn. Thanks for the unban for all... :(
  • Lol, originally $300 yeah right
  • Guys ur getting the sale of a lifetime
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  • @admin I'm curious, how do you plan to revive the community? I'm positive you've noticed most of the majority community left (Including myself) and has moved on to other games and other roles in Minecraft. How do you plan on getting new players/the rest of the community back? Personally, I've moved on to Moderating HCF/Playing HCF and notices Factions is "pay to win" as may people call it. I have a decent rank on here and I'm just curious on how you plan on getting players back including myself as I miss "Dancraft's old days". Thank you.
  • Just curious but there seems to be a lack of staff, i think we've all noticed, do you think its possible to add a couple new staff members?
  • Oh great! DansTooEz is back, Expect for the @wurst
  • Add brackets again!
  • Where do I buy the summer sale 0-0
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  • Its great that you are working to improve the server more, but $45 for a summer package is ridiculous. Also, please add back creative.
  • I hope dan brings back the old days! When /fix didnt have a cooldown! When we had bedrock rank.. I miss those days so much :'(
  • Just wondering, does it actually take over 4 months to create a new game mode? Dangames was supposed to come out ages ago.
  • @Tina87, it's not really a new game-mode but, the anti-cheat would take about that time (if it's custom made) and I guess they just wanted to bring it all out at one time, good work, @admin!
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