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  • Mine as well do something weird and fun.

    Bit about myself: I have been in a leading role in the faction Chaotic since it was first created, and am currently the leader and probably will remain leader until further notice .
    Why I want to join: Because I need to do something fun thats different and unique.
  • ign: kaphzu
    bie about mslef: I lead a factin cald the caotic and I is ver goxd af it.
    y I wang joyn: I am sexy af
  • well, i dont see why i shouldnt join

    Ign: LucasBurger911
    bit about myself: i like to pvp even though im not the best pvper... i also like iced tea :D
    why i want to join: well it seems fun to do with the spare time i have, like when i want to pvp just to find out a god damn hacker is on so i cant :I
  • i also like jokes like...
  • but no retarded jokes that will make you piss yourself
  • Ign: DillPickle199
    Bit about myself: I am awful and I mean AWFUL at PvP I also want hackers to gtfo of the world. At least some.
    Why I want to join: 1: I bet it would be pretty fun to do 2: Same thing as @LucasBurger911 the Ulti thing :P I am to lazy to write it myself. 3:I could make more friends.
    Btw who else is in it?
  • Also more about myself I am not the sharpest tool in the shed XD
  • Ign: IlanaIsADucky
    A bit about myself: I like most animals :p
    Why I want to join: Because it's different to other groups and sounds fun c:
  • Hello my ign is the Man, the Legend, the Myth Krabban03
    A bit about my self: Im a legend and im very very very good looking. And im in the BISH HQ Bree leaved a spot for me <:.<br />Why i want to join: Im already in HAHAHAHAHA EZ I DIDNT EVEN NEED TO APPLY HAHAHA. Guess what guys i didnt apply i got invited EZPZ HAHA and the one that invited me was BREE EZ.

    And madie if you see this xD I need to talk to you about one thing im actually staff in BISH bree promoted me before she like leaved. Ill give you more details later.

    Btw gl applying everyone <3 xDD //The Man, the Legend, the Myth Krabban03<br />
  • Hey mads its boi, its cool what your doing with bish squad, good luck. Probs wont join again, idk. Bish squad was a personal friend group kind of thing. Accepting random people feels weird but good luck with what ur doing. Might join in future idk.
  • @IllanaIsADucky

    Accepted. :)
    Krab thanks for letting me know.

    BOY! Where have you been?! You like disappeared!
    Also, yeah it may seem strange but alot of people were randomly joining and saying that they owned the group and I just had to settle some things out.
  • yey fank yew madyie
  • @CowgirlMads Stuff has been hard irl, been trying to play but stuff gets in the way. I will play on Dancraft soon I promise.
  • t0mmo
    why the fuck not
  • Breeya1 has returned. She will be taking back her leader position.
    Thank you everyone for cooperating. Have a lovelyyy day.

    .. x)

  • Meh, why not.
    IGN: ElijahBandit
    I am a "lone wolf" on this server. Sure, I team with people, but otherwise, I am on my own. I have helped people on their islands, but then they kick me for no reason *cough Xx_Kirito_xX cough*. I think its about time I work with a group.
  • Ign: TummyFlakes
    When people are around me its always lit. I'm a chill dude now and i hate hackers i'm pretty sure all of us do but ye :o). I am friends with a lot of da bishes ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) . it would be kind of you if you can send me a Bish invite. name mc me cowgirl see who i am.
  • If you still use the "lenny face" you can't be such a chill guy.